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What Happened at the GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit?

Together, we Elucidated Strategies for Product Specialization & Indication Expansion through Pharmacoeconomic Analysis

Amidst the resounding success of Novo’s SELECT trial, the clinical trial landscape has been inundated with a surge of innovative GLP-1 treatments. Each week witnessed the unveiling of new multi-million-dollar investments, propelling GLP-1 players to the forefront of pharmaceutical revenue growth.  

Uniting the industry decision-makers behind the explosion of GLP-1 assets, the GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit served as a pivotal platform. Uniquely positioned, it was the nexus for industry decision-makers, providing invaluable insights to guide therapeutic strategies, enabling the development of the right drugs for patients at the right price. With Madrigal Pharmaceuticals attending as the first-ever company to gain approval for it's NASH therapies, this summit symbolized a landmark for the convergence of innovation and industry success. 

Built with insights from industry giants including Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Amgen, Carmot Therapeutics, Altimmune, and Pfizer, this event brought together 80+ industry leaders in Product Planning, Clinical Development, Medical Research, and Commercial Strategy.

"What a great forum for bringing together brilliant minds and creating an environment for fostering collaboration and accelerating progress in a very exciting area"
Seulki Lee, Chief Executive Officer, D&D Pharmatech

Key 2024 Highlights:

GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit

Attendees explored the latest paradigm shifts in clinical trials to develop more durable, efficacious, and orally available therapies

GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit

We evaluated the evolving industry landscape to collaboratively map out the next steps for GLP-1 development

GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit

Participants assessed the pipelines of key players to design GLP-1 therapies that stand out in a growing and highly competitive market

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Full Agenda - GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit

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We are in a unique time where the industry is leveraging over 50 years of incretin biology to create impactful therapies for patients with metabolic disease. This summit provides an exciting forum to discuss what comes next as we seek to serve more patients with unmet needs
Seulki Lee, Chief Executive Officer, D&D Pharmatech

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