About 2024 Event

The Ultimate Industry Forum for Developers of GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Across Different Indications

The GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit was the exclusive gateway to gain insights into cutting-edge therapies demonstrating the vast potential to expand into new indications as well as extensive commercial value in obesity and diabetes.

For those looking to differentiate their GLP-1 products, stand out in the market, and discover the newest innovations in improving tolerability, efficacy, and durability of GLP-1s, there was never a more appropriate time to unite and navigate this rapidly evolving space!

"The therapeutic strategy of the next generation of drugs should focus on the quality of weight loss, preferentially removing fat while preserving muscle. The GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit provides a forum to advance this strategy"
Seulki Lee, Chief Executive Officer, D&D Pharmatech

2024 Program Highlights

Optimizing the Efficacy of GLP-1-Based Therapeutics
Attendees heard the newest innovations raising the benchmark for more successful weight loss with Diasome Pharmaceuticals and BioAge Labs

Enhancing the Tolerability of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists
Participants assessed advanced modes of delivery and combination therapy to improve the quality of life for patients and increase adherence of treatment with Novo Nordisk and i2o Therapeutics

Unraveling Exciting Opportunities to Apply GLP-1 Receptor Agonists Across a Wide Range of Indications
Including cardiovascular, renal, obstructive sleep apnea, MASH, and neurodegenerative diseases with Eli Lily, D&D Pharmatech, and Altimmune

Planning for Potential Regulatory Challenges
Attendees assessed the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and safety concerns on GLP-1s to address bottlenecks early with Pfizer and Roche

Enhancing the Durability of GLP-1-Based Therapies
Participants explored strategies for improving the durability of GLP-1-based therapies, and understand the effect durability has on adherence and maintenance of weight loss with Carmot Therapeutics

Developing a Robust Commercial Strategy 
Attendees learned how to differentiate their GLP-1 products from competitors, to effectively target specific patient segments with Altimmune and Regor Therapeutics

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Full Agenda - GLP-1-Based Therapeutics Summit