Conference Day Two - Thursday, May 16, 2024

7:30 am Check-In & Coffee

8:20 am Chair’s Welcoming Remarks

Improving Quality of Life for Patients & Adherence to Treatment for GLP-1-Based Therapeutics

8:30 am Balancing GLP-1 Tolerability and Therapeutic Efficacy


  • Exploring discrepancies between efficacy and tolerability of GLP-1 mimetics
  • Highlighting how better pharmacological profiling might help enhancing tolerability of incretin mimetics based on learnings from other targets and drug classes
  • Discussing challenges and opportunities to optimize tolerability of GLP-1 therapeutic interventions

9:00 am Advancing Enobosarm, An Oral Novel Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), to Avoid Muscle Loss and Augment Fat Loss When Combined with a Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist (GLP-1 RA) Drugs for Potentially Higher Quality Weight Loss


  • Highlighting the concerns that muscle loss caused by GLP-1 receptor agonists may be responsible for weight loss plateau, upon stopping GLP-1 RA, the fat and weight rebound regain, and may accelerate the development of frailty in at-risk older sarcopenic obese patients with potential for physical function limitations
  • Presenting the 5 clinical studies of enobosarm in older patients and in patients with a cancer induced starvation-like state that provide strong scientific rationale for ongoing Phase 2b enobosarm + GLP-1 RA clinical study
  • Supporting evidence that enobosarm in combination with a GLP-1 RA may potentially augment the fat reduction with higher quality total weight loss while preserving muscle and physical function

9:30 am Revealing Current Modes of Delivery for Enhanced Tolerability & Envisioning Future Strategies for Further Improvement


  • Assessing the different modes of delivery for GLP-1 treatments
  • Considering the need to improve tolerability methods for GLP-1 treatments to assess the balance between the impact of side effects versus the impact of weight loss
  • Assessing the benefits and drawbacks of different modes of delivery to improve tolerability of GLP-1s to discern their effectiveness at improving patients’ quality of life

10:00 am Understanding Real-World GLP-1 Prescribing Trends Using Real-Time Data from EHRs


  • Monitoring GLP-1 prescribing patterns and patient characteristics over time, by medication, and by FDA-labeled use
  • Exploring whether pre-treatment A1c and BMI measures of clinical need have fallen over time for patients with T2D newly prescribed a GLP-1

10:30 am Morning Break & Refreshments

Elucidating the Impact of the IRA & Regulatory Challenges on Clinical Approval & Pricing to Streamline Market Access

11:30 am Understanding Safety Regulations to Stay Ahead of Possible Impacts on Development of Additional GLP-1-Based Therapeutics


  • Reaffirming confidence in the safety of GLP-1 treatments to weigh up the possibility of further regulation on development of GLP-1 therapies
  • Considering the concerns of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) regarding the mental health side effects of GLP-1s to weigh up possible risks
  • Reflecting on how regulation could create new challenges in GLP-1 development and the impact this may have on commercial and clinical strategy, pricing, and reimbursement of GLP-1 therapies

12:00 pm Roundtable Discussion: Investigating the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to Clarify the Effect This Legislation Could Have on GLP-1s to Build Appropriate Plans for Your Pipeline


  • Maximising understanding of the IRA to ensure you are informed regarding the timing and significance of this legislative framework
  • Examining the impact of the IRA regarding GLP-1-based treatments to proactively anticipate changes that may be required
  • Highlighting specific areas where this regulation could exert an impact and providing examples of how to align your GLP-1 development with any requirements

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Discussing Product Specialization & Patient Segmentation to Develop Strategically for a More Niche Market

1:30 pm Attaining Product Differentiation through Improved Patient Segmentation & Efficiency


  • Understanding the differentiation in the marketplace as the treatment of obesity matures
  • Focusing on market segmentation and patient phenotypes to develop suitable GLP-1s for individual patient needs

2:00 pm GLP1R Small Molecule Agonists Could Make a Meaningful Difference for Patients


  • Examining the need for differentiated products as more GLP-1s are being developed
  • Developing small molecule GLP1R agonists to meet the specific needs of the patients
  • Exploring the opportunities for combinations of agonists to gain long-term health benefits

2:30 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

Focusing on Enhancing GLP-1 Durability & Assessing How Adherence to Treatment Can Impact Maintenance of Weight Loss

3:00 pm Driving Durability of GLP-1-Based Therapeutics to Improve Maintenance of Weight Loss & Considering Treatments Alongside GLP-1s


  • Exploring the resistance of patients to taking lifelong medication and considering the need for more durable GLP-1 treatments
  • Delving into the newest innovations in evolving treatments that last longer to hear about techniques such as combinations that are leading to promising results
  • Considering the possibility of a shortened treatment in the future to understand what this would look like and how it would change the GLP-1 market

3:30 pm Roundtable Discussion: Navigating Improvement of Weight Loss Maintenance When Taking GLP-1s


  • Discussing adherence to maintain weight loss in patients that may be resistant to lifelong treatment
  • Exploring methods to alongside treatment with GLP-1s to ensure weight loss is maintained

4:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Nita Thingalaya Senior Director, Medical Evidence Generation & Innovation, Sanofi

4:25 pm End of Conference Day Two